Apr 20, 22 - Show Only Pending Requests and Availability Window


Viewer: Show Pending Only

By clicking the Gear Icon in Viewer, you are now able to filter your schedule to look at only requests and swaps that are in the pending state by selecting the Show Only Pending checkbox.


Once Show Only Pending is selected, you will only see pending swap and request data in your schedule View.


Viewer: Availability Window

We have added visibility into what other providers are scheduled for each day when looking for somebody to take over your shift.

When selecting your scheduled shift from Viewer and selecting Edit > Replace, you'll be prompted with a window that allows you to select to whom (one person or multiple) you'd like to offer your shift. You'll now be able to see who is available to be scheduled for the shift on that day. You can select one or multiple providers to whom you'd like to offer your shift.




If a provider is already scheduled on an incompatible shift, they will appear in the unavailable section.



Viewer: Department Name

You now have the option to include the department information for the shifts that are scheduled. This will be helpful in larger, multi-department Views to clarify which department each provider is scheduled in. You can toggle between showing the full Department Name, the Compact Name, or hiding the department name entirely (by selecting Not Visible).


By navigating to View Manager, you are able to set the default for this value for the selected view. Under the 'Finalize' tab when editing or creating a new view, you can set the View to include or hide the department information.



View Manager: Hiding Expired Personnel/Assignments in Views

You can now sort between active and inactive personnel when creating a View. Toggling on the 'Hide Inactive Personnel (From Available)' or the 'Hide Inactive Assignments (From Available)' will allow you to easily filter to only the active personnel and assignments that you may need to add to your Views.


Bug Fixes:

View Manager: Departments

  • When removing a department from an existing View, the providers and assignments that belong exclusively to the removed department will also be removed.

View Manager: Templates

  • When removing a template from an existing View, the assignments that belong exclusively to the removed template will also be removed.
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