How do I adjust my view settings ad-hoc?

In Viewer, you can create new "views" of your schedule on the fly by using the ad-hoc filter. Depending on the type of view that you are using, you can use the ad-hoc filter to adjust your current view settings. 

To open up the ad-hoc filter, click the cogwheel right of the View name to open up the Ad-Hoc Filter.


Group By will allow you to change View layout grouping:

  •  By Assignment Grouping: This will adjust the view to show an Assignment list in the first column, with personnel listed throughout schedule slots in the view. 


  • By Personnel Grouping: This will adjust the view to show a Personnel list in the first column, with assignments listed throughout the schedule slots in the view. 


Display Range will display the schedule data in varied time increments. Tip: Once a display range is selected, navigating forward or backward in time will be relevant to the display range. In the below screenshots, you will see "March 2022" displayed for the monthly display range, and "3/28/22 - 4/3/22" displayed in the weekly display range.

  • A month at a time: Scheduled data will be displayed in a monthly time increment. 
  • A week at a time: Schedule data will be displayed in weekly time increments.


Display Department Name will allow you to display department names on the scheduled slot. 

  • Not Visible: Department name not visible on scheduled assignments. 


  • Department Name (Dept. Name): Full department name is displayed on scheduled assignments.


  • Compact Name (Compt. Name): Compact department name is displayed on scheduled assignments.


Start Day will allow you to adjust the start day of the week that schedule data displays. This can be adjusted to show the beginning of the week with:

  • Saturday Start Day: First day of the week displays Saturday.


  • Sunday Start Day: First day of the week displays Sunday.


  • Monday Start Day: First day of the week displays Monday. 



Show Only Pending feature will allow you to filter down to only pending shifts on the schedule. Tip: Pending shifts are not officially part of the schedule until granted by administrator. 



Show Times will display assignment times on the schedule: 


Show Original Personnel will display the personnel scheduled on each assignment at the time the initial schedule was published. If swaps, trades or other changes were made on the schedule, this feature will allow you to filter to see the originally scheduled personnel at the time of publishing. 

Show Request Icons will allow you to see icons indicating the status of the current request. Icons will reflect whether or not a shift is pending, approved, or denied. Tip: Request Icons will be displayed in the right corner of the scheduled slot. Blue question mark icon indicates a pending shift. Wifi icon indicates a pending swapportunity. Green box or check mark indicates an approved request. Red block or X icon indicates a denied request.  All schedule slots can be hovered over to show request status in text, as indicated in the below screenshot. 













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