Mar 1, 22 - Viewer: Show Original and Department/Template Dropdowns


Viewer: Show Original Personnel

This is a new ability to see the personnel originally scheduled for a slot in Viewer. To use this update, click on the Gear Iconmceclip1.pnglocated at the top of Viewer. The menu will reveal a new checkbox: "Show Original Personnel"


When checked, the schedule slot will show the original personnel in brackets, as seen below:


Viewer: Searching in a List View

This is a new ability within Viewer to search the assignment information column when using a list View. To access this feature, load a list View and search for assignment information in the search bar above the list.

Viewer: Department Dropdown Search

This is a new ability within Viewer to search the department dropdown and template dropdown in the views list. When in Viewer, select the current View name to access the Views list. Listed Views will appear on the right side of the screen. Underneath the "Open" section are the department and template dropdowns.


Viewer: Assignment Information

Assignment information is now available within Viewer. Click on a slot in Viewer and the assignment information will appear under the Details section if that assignment has information attached to it. Clicking on more will show the full assignment note. (Administrators can add assignment information by editing an existing assignment and clicking on "Additional Note." This additional note information will then appear as the assignment information in Viewer).



Viewer: Add Shift Improvements

  • When using the "Add Shift" button in Viewer, a message is now displayed if a shift is added that is not currently in the View

Assignments: Assignment Cloning and Deep Cloning

  • If using Categories under Accounts and Permissions, cloning or deep-cloning an assignment now clones the category (if one is set).

Bug Fixes:


  • Add Shift: Window now closes when you click Accept on an incompatibility warning
  • Add Shift: Personnel list is now filtered to who’s eligible if an assignment was selected first
  • Add Shift: Fixed an issue that prevented the submission of requests due to a request window
  • Add Shift: Fixed an issue where personnel and assignments were incorrectly displayed in a view when added
  • Filters: Fixed an issue where filters hid personnel who had a pending removal
  • Notes: Fixed an issue where adding a note caused an incorrect timezone warning
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