Dec 8, 21 - Scaling Printing, Integration Analytics, Custom Support


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New print option for printing columns and condensed column Views. This enhancement will now include scaling horizontally, allowing more columns to fit on each page in the Lightning Bolt print modal. Scaling vertically will still be done in the browser print screen. The page size can also now be adjusted.


*Please note this enhancement is not supported in Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer. This new modal will also only apply to columns and condensed column views.

For more information on Printing, visit:



  • Administrators can now run Analytics reports that provide a list of assignment mappings for each live integration. Please reach out to our support team, or your group's primary consultant for more information
  • Schedule Change Analytics reports correctly log Master Request Assignment schedule grants

  • Schedule Change Analytics reports now log schedule changes for Not Published schedules in Editor

Epic Cadence Integration

  • Add the ability to map a single assignment to multiple Epic departments

  • Updates to e-mail notifications

  • Multiple mappings of an assignment structure no longer errors out if no template is found for one of the mapped departments

Custom Support Phone and Support Email

  • If desired, clients can set their own support phone number and support email for users to call/email if they are questions or issues. Once configured, clicking Support will bring users to a form where they can email an email of the organization's choosing. They are also able to call a phone number, set to the organization's preference. If these are not added, clicking Support will bring users to our default Zendesk support page

  • For more information on this feature, please reach out to our support team or your group's primary consultant


Bug Fixes:

Accounts and Permissions

  • Resolved issue with permissions changes not immediately taking effect


  • Calendar Request Views now only print Request data, instead of Request and Schedule Data
  • Calendar Schedule views only print Schedule data, instead of Schedule and Request data
  • Pending changes now correctly display last modified user
  • Gantt Views now display military time only if the database uses military time. Otherwise, they display regular time
  • Gantt Views extra row is now removed
  • Gantt Views use correct column alignment for shifts that do not start or end at the top of the hour
  • Public List Views Template Column now displays Template Display Name instead of Template Name
  • Locations are no longer editable when only one location is available and locations are not editable
  • Date now displays in MM/DD/YYYY. Previously as DD/MM/YYYY when editing tally counts
  • Saved Filters now apply new filter when clicked. Previously, the user had to click once to clear previous filter, then click again to apply new filter


  • The assignment drop-down in tallies now lists assignments, not assignment structures
  • Saving tallies with once dates in the recurrence patterns no longer shows an error message
  • Shift Reasons no longer show they can be deleted if there is associated schedule data
  • Personnel are now required to be in at least one department. Following message is shown if administrators attempts to do so:
    • Unable to remove 'personnel' from 'department' as this user would no longer be in any department. All users must be in at least one department


  • CSV Export file now shows correct date range
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