Edit Tally Count

"Edit Tally Count" allows admins to override tally counts for single slots. The new values that are created will be used when the tallies are used in Reports, displayed in Viewer and Editor, and in Analytics reports. 

Please Note: The original tally count will still be used if a tally is being used in specific rules.


Workflow: The tally count will first need to be set within the tally administration page whether it is a system-defined tally - a tally created for the specific assignment - or an administrator-defined tally, usually a more customized tally created by the admin. Once everything is correct within the tally administration page the admin can use the new "Edit Tally Count" option in Viewer. The admin will simply click the slot that they want updated and select the "Edit Tally Count" option in the drop-down menu that will appear, as seen below:


A new window will then open that includes the tallies the assignment is included in from that specific template while shown with the assignment display name as it appears on the schedule, shown in the example below:


The admin can then type in the new count for the slots and then click the "Submit" button in the bottom right corner to save those changes. The admin can also re-open the window for the same slot and update the count again if needed or reset the value to the default value by selecting the "Reset to default" option to the right of the count.

Please Note: The Web Report Counting Method within the actual tally under the tally administration page needs to be set to "Count Sum of Work Units from Each Slot".

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