Mar 10, 21 - Add Shift Button and Request Icons


Viewer: Add Shift

Located at the top right of your schedule in Viewer, the Add Shift button is a feature that presents a new way to modify your schedule in Viewer. The Add Shift button will allow you to make a Fill or Request that is adapted by the dates that you select, instead of having to click on Fill or Request individually.


For more information on using Add Shift, please visit here for fills or here for requests. These support articles discuss each of the steps required in using this new functionality, including where to find it and how to enter each field. 

Viewer: Request Icons

This feature changes the way in which the status of your requests can be seen while in Viewer. Each request status now has it's own icon, instead of a square:


Granted Request Granted_Request.png
Pending Request Pending_Request.png
Denied Request Denied_Request.png
Deleted Request Deleted_Request.png

These icons will only be shown on Views that have Request Data enabled, and can be turned off via the Ad-Hoc settings icon in Viewer.

For more information on the Request Icons, please visit here.

Viewer: Multiple Highlights

You are now able to use the Highlighter tool in Viewer to highlight multiple personnel or assignments at a time with the same coloring and functionality that exists in Editor. These highlights will persist through months and can be cleared either manually, or by refreshing the page:


Viewer: List Views Auto-Refresh on Granted Schedule Change

In Viewer, List Views will now Auto-Refresh when one of the below changes is made, removing the need to refresh your screen to see if any updates had been made recently: 

  • Fill
  • Remove
  • Replace by Personnel
  • Replace by Assignment
  • Exchange
  • Time Change
  • Split Shift
  • Reason Change
  • Location Change

View Manager: Dropdown Menu Number Display Increase

The number of items shown in the Templates, Departments, Personnel, Assignments, Assignment Types, and Personnel Types dropdowns have been increased from 7 to 14 when in View Manager.

Additionally, Templates, Departments, Personnel, Assignments, Assignment Types, and Personnel Types drop-downs now automatically open when hovered over.


Schedule Manager: Block Requests

Previously, the Block Requests functionality would only apply for creating a Request. This functionality has now been extended to include Fills as well.

For more information on using Block Requests for your schedule, please visit here.

Bug Fixes:

Administration: Access Optimization

  • Some tallies were incorrectly rounding the difference in supply and demand. This has been resolved.
  • Some tallies were incorrectly counting changes made on a published schedule. This has been resolved.

Viewer: Printing

  • Previously, a request only view would not show request data when printing, and instead displayed schedule data. This has been resolved and the print will now show only request data. 

Viewer: Ad-Hoc Highlighting

  • Previously, using Highlight in Viewer would not persist when changing months. This has been resolved.
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