Sep 8, 20 - Viewer Updates


Viewer: Request and Tally Display

The Diagonal Striped lines in Request and Tally data have been removed.

Viewer: Compact View

Compact View Headers now show Pers. and Assign. instead of Personnel and Assignments.

Viewer: Removed Request Heading

Request heading is removed in View if filters settings do not include any request data; previously, the section would still appear.

Bug Fixes:

LBLite Dashboard: Navigating to View Manager

  • Fixed a link from LBLite Dashboard navigating to View Manager to route to the appropriate page.

Viewer: Personnel and Assignment Filters

  • Personnel and Assignment Filter Lists in Viewer will now populate in Internet Explore.

Viewer: Resolved Well this is embarrassing" error

  • When creating a request, if a date is selected that is outside of the request window, you will now see the correct error message instead of a “Well this is embarrassing” page.

Viewer: Requests Display

  • Requests now display cell and row color set for the View; previously only row color was displayed.

Viewer: Fills and Requests in Column View

  • Creating a Fill or Request on a columns View now remains on same date as opposed to jumping to the beginning of the month.

Viewer: Correctly Hides Blank Rows

  • A View set to Hide Blank Rows and Hide Weekends now hides the blank row if the weekend had any schedule data. Previously, row would not be hidden if there was weekend data but no weekday data.

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