November 2nd, 2020

New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Reports Performance Improvements

    • Load times for larger reports have been improved, and the frequency of time-outs have been reduced.

  • View Manager: When clicking Open in Viewer from Finalize tab, added option to add View Access

    • Previously, when an Administrator clicked Open in Viewer from the Finalize tab without having prior view access, they were given an error message stating that the View id could not be found. Now they are prompted to set view access.

  • View Manager: Time then custom order did not allow for dragging of personnel and assignments

    • You can now drag and drop personnel and assignments if the sort order is set to Time then Custom Order.

  • View Manager: Moving items from Available to Selected places them at bottom of list

    • When the sort order is set to custom, moving personnel, assignments, tallies, and list view columns from the Available list to the Selected list places them at the bottom of the list. Before they were placed at the top.

  • Shadow Reports automatically included users outside of department

    • In organizations with more than one department, shadow reports automatically included all users. This has been fixed and shadow reports now only pull in users from the correct department.

  • Replace/Swaportunity allowed sending to expired personnel

    • When submitting a replace/swaportunity, the personnel list listed both active and inactive users. This has been fixed and now the personnel list only lists active personnel.

Changes in Behavior

  • Printing Changes
    • When printing in a Standard View, a new print modal is used with a simpler user interface. Printing also now defaults to minimal.

    • Standard View Printing now follows view filtering. Only personnel and assignments in the current filter will be included in the print.

    • Standard View Printing now does not duplicate Schedule and Request data if the view is a combined view that displays both.

    • Standard View Printing also includes all other visual aspects of the view such as colors, icons, holidays, and tallies.

  • Modifying Reasons and Locations upon Request and Schedule Approvals

    • When approving a request or fill, Administrators can now modify the reason and location. For requests, they can also modify the reason and location when suspending a request.

  • Administrators now ignore the Request Window

    • When making requests, Administrators can now make requests starting the day after the last schedule is published and can make requests as far out as desired. If the schedule is published but Allows Requests, Administrators can also make requests then. Before, Administrators could only make requests according to the request window. End-Users still abide by the request window when making requests.

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