Clean Up Tips to Maintain your Database

Keep your Lightning Bolt system up to date for optimal performance!

  • Review all personnel to ensure only active individuals are listed under Administration > Setup > Personnel. To set a last active date for personnel, follow the steps found here.
    • Note: Inactive personnel can still be viewed on the schedule for the dates they are active for.
  • Similarly, assignments can be cleaned up under Administration > Setup > Assignments.
    • Note: If the assignment appears on any schedule, even an unpublished schedule, it can’t be deactivated until that date or later.
  • View Manager - review all views to ensure they are still used by your department. If a view is only needed by a subset of people, edit who has access to a view by following these steps. We recommend keeping the list of accessible views concise for end-users whenever possible.
  • Review equalization rules, especially if you restart your tally counts each calendar year. Equalizing from a set start date will include all historical data from that date onward. To bulk update the start date follow these steps.
  • Accounts - Deactivating personnel in the Administration section doesn’t remove their ability to login. Remove any users no longer with your organization under Administration > Accounts and Permissions. Additional information on Accounts can be found here.
    • Note: If your department is part of a larger organization that uses Lightning Bolt, check to make sure the user doesn’t need access to any other departments prior to removing a user. Your Lightning Bolt Consultant can assist you if you have any questions finding what other departments the user has access to.
  • Running into rule compatibility violations when modifying the schedule? Consider making assignments compatible if they are regularly assigned together. If assignments are not compatible, the system will not assign them to the same personnel. Click here for more information on compatibility.
  • Check to make sure the Personnel and Assignment Groups are up to date. If someone is in an incorrect Personnel group, they may be auto-scheduled incorrectly. 

Not sure where to start? Contact our support team ( or set up a consultation with your Lightning Bolt Consultant today!

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