January 20th, 2021

Bug Fixes

  1. Deep-Clone Assignments & Auto-Add Assignment Views: If you previously had a view with auto-add assignments toggled on, it would not add new assignments that were created through our deep-clone feature. With this bug fix, deep-cloning an assignment will now add it to views that have auto-add assignments toggled on. 

** Please Note: This will not add any deep-cloned assignment to a view with auto-add assignments toggled off. **


For more information on deep-cloning assignments, visit:


For more information on setting up a view to auto-add assignments, visit:


Changes in Behavior

  1. Administration & Setup: Assignment Page Load Times: You will now notice that actions you take in the assignments page under setup will have a reduced load time, including actions such as creating a new assignment, adding a recurrence pattern, and cancelling any action taken.


For more information on adding a new assignment, visit:


For more information on editing an assignment, visit:




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