How do I Export Data From Viewer to CSV?

  1.  Navigate to Viewer and the schedule view you would like to export.
    • Note: As of April 2021, users can export Standard, Columns, List, and Calendar views layouts. Block, and Gantt are coming later.
  2. Click the Download button Screen_Shot_2020-11-04_at_7.19.02_AM.png in the top right hand corner.
  3.  Select the date range you wish to export/view.Export.PNG


The CSV File will automatically download with the following naming convention

View Name - Start Date to End Date

EX: Monthly_ Request View - 07-01-20 to 07-31-20.csv


CSV Layout

  • Scheduled Data

  • Requested Data

  • In the example below, this view contains multiple templates; some of the templates are published - Hogan working call. Some of the templates are unpublished - Bhat with a granted vacation




  • Only Granted Data is shown. No pending swaps and no pending/denied requests are shown

  • If Compact Mode is used in the view, the view will reflect Compact Names

  • If Display names are used, the view will reflect Display Names

  • Tallies, Notes, Times, Holidays, and Colors are not included in the export

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