Options Available in Quick View


  1. Settings: This option will help you customize the dates and columns in your view.
  2. Clear – Filters: This option will help get all the scheduling information back on a filtered view by clearing all the filters.
  3. Save: This option will help you save a Quick View for future use. When you click Save icon, a pop-up box will appear, where you can give your view a name and then click Save. This saved view will then be available from the dashboard and depending on how often you look at it, available from the menu bar (Note: Menu bar views are most recently used views).       

  4. Download: This option will help you download your view. This view will be exported to your local computer as an Excel file. Note: if there are 200 records in your view and only 25 visible on the screen all 200 will be exported into your Excel file. Also, if you are filtered down to something specific, only the filtered results will be exported.
  5. Delete: This option will help you delete a saved view from QuickViews. To delete, open the saved view you want to delete, then click the delete icon located in the bottom right corner of Quick Views page. In the pop-up confirm that you want to delete the view. Your view will be deleted and no longer an option on the dashboard or in the menu bar. Quick Views will then display the default Quick View.
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