Frequently asked questions on Quick View Columns

 Can I sort on more than one column at a time?

Yes, to sort on more than one column, sort the first column you want to sort. Next, while holding down the shift key, sort the next column you want to sort (Clicking once sorts ascending, twice descending and a third time will remove the sorting). Keep the shift key held down until you have sorted all columns you want to sort.


The QuickViews list only returns 25 rows, can I display more?

Yes, on the upper left side of the QuickViews page, there is an option to show more entries in the list. Use this dropdown to display the number of entries you want to display based on the options provided.


Can I search through the information in a view?

Yes, to sort though the information in a view enter the search criteria in the search field provided in the upper right corner of the view. This search field will filter down the results based on the columns visible. While you are searching, the information will be filtered down based on what is in your search box.


When I save a view, are my selected columns, filters, search terms, and sorting saved?

When you save a view, your columns and filters are saved with that view. Sorting and search terms are not saved as part of the view and would need to be re-sort when you open your view each time.

I have a saved view I made edits to, how do I update my view with the new displays?

After you have made your changes select the save icon located in the bottom right corner of Quick Views page while you are in the modified view. You can either save it with the same name to update the view, or give it a new name to create a new view.

Can I switch between Quick Views while I’m looking at one?

Yes, to switch between views select the bookmark icon located in the bottom left side of the QuickViews page. From there you can select the view you wish to have displayed.



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