How do I set up a Target?

  1. Navigate to Administration>Access Optimization and your department
  2. Click on Target Definition
  3. Click +New Target
  4. Enter details for your target
    1. Name (req.)
    2. Assignments it will count (req.)
    3. Personnel it will count (req.)
    4. Description
    5. Profile Items your target will count 
      Note: if none are selected your target will not count anything.  You can add a new Item by clicking on the + button.
  5. Save the target 
    Note: you can edit a save target by clicking Edit this Target from the Target Definitions page.
  6. Click Edit Demand Value
  7. Select Template to see the values applicable to that template
  8. Enter a percentage above and below target for auto-scheduling
  9. Enter a priority to meet values for auto-scheduling 
    Note: this value must be 0 or between 1000-999999999
  10. Enter Target values for dates.  
    1. By recurrence pattern using the tools on the right
    2. By pasting in values from Excel using the downloadable format
  11. Save the Demand Target Values
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