How Do I Sync Schedule to Calendar for Mac (iCal)?

1. Send a calendar subscription link to your email address using the Sync with Calendar or Mobile Calendar button on the Dashboard. Setting Up a Mobile Calendar Subscription


2. Open the email from Lightning Bolt Scheduler with the subject Calendar Subscription Notice.

3. Copy the .ics file link from under the Calendar for Mac (iCal) section of the email.

4. Navigate to the iCal app.  

5. Click File in the top left corner of your Mac screen, then click New Calendar Subscription...


6. In the pop-up below, paste the copied .ics link in the field Calendar URL.


7. Click Subscribe.

8. In the next popup, customize your subscription settings like calendar Name, Location*, and Auto-Refresh** and Click OK


9. The calendar will appear in the Other or iCloud section of the calendar list

*If you set the Location field to iCloud, the subscription will sync to any iPhone/iPad that has iCloud set up.

**Make sure to set your Auto-Refresh settings to be more frequent than one week if changes occur daily to the schedule.

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