How do I subscribe to a schedule view?

  1. After you have logged in, go to NSight > Schedule in the menu


  2. If the view you would like to subscribe to does not already exist you will need to create and save one.  If it does, skip to step 6.  If not, first select the Views tool from the panel tools.

  3. Expand the Personnel Options and Assignment Options sections.
  4. Select the providers and assignments you want to include in your subscription.How_Do_I_Subscribe_To_A_Schedule_View_3.png
  5. Click on the Display button in the Views panel to display any changes that you have made to the current view                   How_Do_I_Subscribe_To_A_Schedule_View_4.jpg                                 

  6. On the toolbar click Subscribe.     
  7. Enter your email address,date range, and timezone in the popup and click Subscribe.
  8. Then check your email for an email titled Calendar Subscription Notice.
  9. Go to the appropriate section in the email depending on the device you want to subscribe from and follow the instructions listed in the email.

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