How do I change Editor's date range, view, and filter?

Date Range:

When a schedule has too much information to load all at once, Editor will automatically separate it into fragments. A tab labeled Fragments will appear at the bottom of the page, which can be opened and closed to bring up the fragment selector. You can click the box of a fragment to switch to that date range.



You can switch views by clicking the name of the active view you are currently in at the top left of the page.


This will open up the views sidebar, where you can select which view you would like to open. You can also set the view you are currently on to your default view if desired.



Similar to changing views, to filter what is displayed so only some assignments show up, start by clicking the name of the active view at the top left.

In the views sidebar, click Filter at the top. You can then uncheck any assignment that you do not want to display. You can use All, None, and search in order to more efficiently filter the assignments to what you need.




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