How do I create a report for vacation days remaining?

1. Navigate to the Administration > Setup section
2. Click the Tallies tab to get to the tallies section

3. Click +Add New Tally



 4. In the General Setting set a name for your tally (example: Vacation Days Remaining)


5. In The Assignments section set the following

  • Assignments: choose which assignments you count as a vacation (below we choose the vacation assignment)
  • Recurrence Pattern: Which days you want to count the vacation assignments. (below we choose any day in the calendar year 2015)
  • Holidays: whether or not you want to include holidays in the count.
  • Work units: set to -1. (Yes, that is negative one)



6. Next you will need to click Save changes on the top right of the tally to create it and bring in the eligible providers.

7. Find your tally on the tally list and click back into it (it will now have providers loaded into the equalization section.

8. Set the Catch-up Tally to be the number of vacation days that provider gets for the year.



9. Now that you have created the tally to use, it is time to make a report to display it. Navigate to NSight > Reports

10. In the Views Tab (top right) set the following options:

  • In Display Options, set report type to Combined tallies
  • In Display Options, set the date range to be the year you want the report for
  • In Display Options, check the box to Include fictional tallies (it may also be preferred to have the Show total count for each personnel checked)
  • In Personnel Options, check all providers you want the report for
  • In Tally Options, check the system defined tally for Vacation and the new administrator defined tally for Vacation Days Remaining



11. Hit  Display to show your report and hit Save... to save the report for future use.


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