Different Options in the Display Options Section in Requests

  • Layout – This is used to determine how you want to view the request calendar
    1. Month – This option will display one month at a time
    2. Week – This option will display one week at a time
  • Compact – This option will display both the assignments and personnel using the compact display names configured in setup
  • Fixed Headers – This will move the scroll bar directly to the side and bottom of the calendar. This will also keep the days of the week fixed on the page
  • Show Holiday Names – This option will display the holiday names from the holidays you have configured in setup
  • Show Granted Requests – This option will shows granted requests (requests that have been approved)
  • Show Pending Requests – This option will shows pending requests (requests that need approval or denial)
  • Show Denied Requests – This option will shows denied requests (requests that have been denied)
  • Show Pre-scheduled Assignments – This option will show assignments that are filtered down from a previously scheduled schedule or pre-scheduled assignments, due to rules, that are configured to be taken into consideration on the request calendar.
  • Show Assignment Times – This option will list the start and stop times of the assignments that have been requested
  • Show Notes – This option will show a yellow sticky note next to any request that has a note associated with it.
  • Week Starts On – Lets you configure the day of the week you want your calendar start to be displayed with


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