Deleting and Moving Requests

How do I delete a request?

To delete requests, select the Delete tool, next highlight the personnel name on the date(s) the request need to be deleted from. Once all date(s) have been highlighted select the Submit button. A pop-up will then come up confirming the deletion. Select OK to okay this one selection or OK always to allow other future deletions you may make.


How do I move a request?

To move a request, select the Move tool from the toolbar. Next pick the request you want to move by clicking directly on the personnel name on the calendar for the date you want to move. Next you will want to select the date you want to move the request to by selecting the date on the calendar, you will then receive a confirmation double checking that you want to finalize your request move. Select OK to move the request from the old date to the new date.

  Deleting_And_Moving_Requests_4.png   Deleting_And_Moving_Requests_5.pngDeleting_And_Moving_Requests_6.pngDeleting_And_Moving_Requests_7.pngDeleting_And_Moving_Requests_8.png

Note: If the request was previously approved, it will go into a pending status (unless rules are setup to automatically allow the request).

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