Frequently Asked Questions about Reports

How do I know what assignments are included in an administrator tally I am running a report on?

The information that is included in the individual tally can be found in the tallies section in setup (Administration > Setup > Tallies). You can click on the tally itself from the list view and see the assignments that are in the tally.


Starting on 1/1/2014 the way we count call is changing, how can I update this so my reports reflect accurate information?

To accomplish this, you will want to go into your tally (Administration > Setup > Tallies) and add an end date to the assignment on the last date that the old count should exist. Note: You must be an administrator to get to the tallies section. Next, you will want to add the same assignment into the tally with the start date of the new count. See example below. A Call is counted as 1.0 from 1/1/2010 and then on 1/1/2014 A Call is counted as 1.5


I want to run a report that looks at hours, how do I do this?

This first thing you will need to do is create a new tally (Administration > Setup > Tallies). Note: You must be an administrator to create a new tally. You will want to set up the tally to count sum of hours for each slot. You will then want to add your assignment(s) and add the day(s) that you want to sum hours for.


How do I know what days and what values are being counted in a tally?

To see what days and values are being counted in a tally, you will need to access this information from the tallies section in Setup (Administration > Setup > Tallies). Inside the tally, you will find information on the day(s) it is counted and what the unit value is for each day.

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