Display Options in Views panel


  • Layout – This is used to determine how you want to view the   schedule
    1. Month – This option will display one month at a time
    2. Week – This option will display one week at a time
    3. Blocks – This option allows you to display a schedule listing blocks of days together (this is best for views that have the same assignment for blocks of days at a time)
    4. By Personnel – This option allows you to display the schedule with personnel listed in the left column
    5. By Assignment – This option allows you to display the schedule with assignments listed in the left column
    6. By Date Only - This option combines both personnel and assignments and lists them together in the schedule
  • Compact – This option will display both the assignments and personnel using the compact display names configured in setup
  • Fixed Headers – This will move the scroll bar directly to the side and bottom of the calendar. This will also keep the days of the week fixed on the page
  • Hide Blank Rows – This option hides rows if no one is scheduled for the week
  • Highlight Incompatible Assignments – This option will highlight assignments that are scheduled on the same day by any one individual that are configured to not be scheduled by the same provider on any one calendar day
  • Show Holiday Names – This option will display the holiday names from the holidays you have configured in setup
  • Show Pending Swaps – This option will display schedule changes that are pending approval
  • Show original assignments (personnel) – This option will show in brackets the original assignment or personnel (depending on the view layout option) that was scheduled if that has been modified. Note: if a change was made with track changes disabled, that change is not tracked and the person or assignment currently there is looked at like the original person or assignment
  • Show Assignment Times – This option will list the start and stop times of the assignments
  • Show Total Count for Each Day – This option will display the total personnel scheduled in the tallies selected for each day. If no tallies are selected, the total assignment/personnel combinations in the schedule view are displayed. Note: If someone is scheduled into two assignments in a view, this will be listed twice as it’s counting all assignments individually in the view
  • Show Notes- This option will display a yellow sticky note next to the assignment or personnel if a note has been created
  • Week Starts On – This option will let you configure the day of the week you want your calendar start to be displayed with
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