How do I use the bulk action tools?

What are bulk action tools?

Bulk action tools are a set of features in Viewer that allow users to complete numerous changes to a schedule with one action. This tool set includes the ability to fill or request new slots, modify details of existing slots, remove or replace a provider’s slots, exchange slots between two providers, and change the status of or delete requests. The ability to use this tool adheres to the permissions set for each user, only allowing the user to take the actions granted to them.

How do I get to Viewer/bulk action tools?

To access Viewer, follow the instructions provided here. Once in Viewer, you will be able to access the bulk actions tool bar by clicking on the circular, orange edit button in the bottom right hand corner of your browser.


You can also access the tool bar by left-clicking and holding on any filled slot on the schedule.

The bulk tools drawer will then appear at the bottom of the screen.


If you need to exit bulk tools, click the X button on the top right of drawer.


How do I use bulk action tools?

Add Tools:

To create a fill or request, click on the respective bulk action button and a pop for that action will appear.





    • Select the days for which you would like to make a fill/request by clicking Select under 'Date' and clicking on the days you'd like to make a fill/request on the calendar that appears. The dates will turn green once they are selected.
    • Select the Template, Personnel, and Assignment for which you would like to make the fill/request.
      • You can select multiple people/assignments at once in the bulk request feature. Once you have selected all of your providers and assignments, be sure to click the checkmark at the top-tight of the selection window.
    • Add a note, set a custom time, or add demand.
    • Once finished, click Submit.



Once your selections have been made, your page should look like this:


Edit Tools:

To use the tools in this section, start by left-clicking some cells on the schedule to select them. In the Edit Section, the type and number of shifts you select determines which bulk editing tools you will be able to access. Here, I have started by selecting a couple of C Chin’s shifts:


Regardless of how many shifts you have selected, you can always use the Modify, Remove, and Replace tools.


The Replace tool will allow you to either replace the provider assigned to the shift or replace the shift that provider is on. In the example below, I have selected M DeFond as the provider to replace C Chin with.


Select the appropriate personnel or assignment in the New Personnel or New Assignment drop-down menus. Once you have finished, click Submit to make the replacement.

By selecting exactly two different personnel / assignments, you will be able to use the Exchange tool. This tool allows you to trade scheduled assignments between providers.

In the example below, J Adams and DOCABC will be trading their assignments. J Adams will be taking DOCABC's assignment, and DOCABC will be taking J Adam's assignment. First, we have selected the two providers / assignments on the schedule:


Then, we click Exchange in the bulk tools drawer. The Exchange pop-up will then appear. 


The Exchange looks correct, so we click Submit to finalize the exchange.


The other four tools (Grant, Suspend, Deny, Delete) can be used to manage and change the status of multiple requests or swaps at once. While using the bulk tools, select any number of requests, and these tools will become available:



  • Grant will approve all selected requests (since we have selected two requests that are already granted, grant is not an option in this example - the requests have already been approved).
  • Suspend will send the selected requests to a pending state.
  • Deny will send them to a denied state.
  • Delete will completely delete the requests from Lightning Bolt.


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