How do I use the highlighter?

Using the Highlighter in Viewer

In addition to the ad-hoc filters, Viewer offers you a highlighter tool that you can use to focus on a specific personnel or assignments on your schedule.


To use the highlighter, right-click on the person / assignment that you would like to highlight, then select a color from the Highlight section. Each individual color can be used for a total of 6 different highlights at one time. This tool can be seen below:



These highlights will persist on the screen as you change months and work on your schedule until they are either manually removed by right-clicking on the personnel / assignment again and select the same color, or you refresh the screen. 

Please note that these are ad-hoc highlights, meaning they are not permanent changes to your schedule. If you would like to set permanent colors for a personnel or assignment, please navigate to our section on creating a view. 

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