How do I make a request?

Requests are made in Viewer, and must be requested for future dates that are not during the period of a published schedule.

To access Viewer, go to View -> Schedule/Requests located at the top of the page. 

At the bottom right of the page, click on the orange pencil icon. This will open up a black panel at the bottom which includes the Request button.


Upon clicking Request, a window will pop up.


You must then select the following (Be sure to make your selections in this order, as the choices presented to you will change depending on what was selected previously. Click the check mark to confirm selections) :

  • One Template
  • One or multiple Dates
  • One or multiple Personnel
  • One or multiple Assignments




When selecting Personnel and Assignments, notice the All and Reset buttons available at the bottom.

You have the option to use the assignments' Default times or set a Custom time. You also have the option to leave a note. Once selections are made, all your requests will show up on the right hand side under Preview. If all requests look correct, click Submit at the bottom right of the window.


Some Assignments must be requested in bulk if Block Requests are set in the Assignments configuration page in Administration -> Setup -> Assignments. If this applies to the Assignment that you are making a request for, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Click the pencil icon and select Request

  2. Select Template and Personnel, and/or Date

  3. Select Assignments

    1. Assignments that are designated as a blocking assignment will have similar icon to this next to it:

      1. If you select a non-block assignment and then a block assignment, the non-block assignment will be unselected

      2. If you select a block assignment and then a non-block assignment, the block assignment will be unselected

      3. If you select two block assignments, the second block assignment will be selected

      4. If you select two or more non-block assignments, all will be selected

  4. If you have already selected dates, you will receive a message saying “Assignment X has to be requested in blocks of Y days starting on Z Day. Please re-select your dates”

  5. If the assignment selected is a blocking assignment and you have not already selected dates, when you go to select dates, there will not be a date selected (unlike non-blocking assignments). From the date-picking screen, anytime you select a date, the rest of the block will auto-fill. If you unselect any of the dates, the entire block will be unselected.

    1. If you select a date that is not part of the block, i.e. Saturday when the block only exists from Monday-Friday, the date will not highlight.

    2. If the block request window is set to a specific day of the week, rather than starting any day of the week, you can select multiple blocks to request within the same transaction. 
  6. You can then submit the request, which will now act as a multi-request. You can still submit custom times, notes, reasons, locations, and emails will act as a multi-request

Once submitted, your requests will appear in Viewer in the yellow shaded requests section of the schedule.



There is also the option to create a request by selecting the "Add Shifts" button in the top right corner, beside the download and print options. How it appears is displayed below.


From there, you will get the following window:


This is where the personnel and assignments, along with the days the request occurs, can be selected. When choosing the personnel and assignments, the box can simply be clicked to reveal a drop-down menu that will show the available personnel and assignments. Once a selection has been made from the drop-down, the next menu will open automatically.


Please note: In order to select multiple personnel or assignments to create the request, you will need to select Select Many at the bottom of the drop-down menu.


After the selections are made, the option to choose the days the requests occur will appear. It will display as seen below:


There is the opportunity to select either a single day, multiple days in a row, or multiple separate days. In the picture above, there is also the option to update the timeframe which is to the left of the date selection. This can be changed if the request does not cover the full shift. Also displayed in the image above is the option to add a note. This can be done under the Shift start/end options.


Once these fields are completed, select the "Submit" button and the requests will then appear on the schedule, or select Add Another to create another submission. 


If you are looking for more information on how to grant or deny requests that have been submitted to the system, refer to the following link

If you would information on the differences between a Fill and a Request, refer to the following link

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