How do I allow / deny swaps?

If you allow your providers to request shift swaps on your schedule, you may need to manage these requests by using the Grant / Deny Swap tools in Viewer.

To use these tools, navigate to Viewer and find a pending swap on your schedule. Pending swaps will be indicated by an arrow between two providers’ names:


The pending provider is listed in brackets – here, Posey is the currently scheduled provider,and Bumgarner has requested to take his shift.

To grant or deny the pending swap, right-click on the cell, and click either Grant Swap or Deny Swap in the menu.  Here, I am going to grant the swap:


In the pop-up that appear, confirm that you’re granting or denying the correct swap. You can also add a note if you’d like.

Tip: if your providers are set up to receive email notifications, any text that you enter into the Note field will be included in the email notifications sent to both providers involved in the swap.


Once you’re finished, click Submit to finalize your swap. The schedule will then update to reflect your change.

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