How Do I Create and Manage User Accounts?

How do I create a User Account?

After you have logged in, navigate to the top menu and click Administration > Accounts and Permissions.


In the Accounts page, locate the user you’d like to create an account for, and click the Create link in the Actions column next to their name.


Choose a Username for your user, and add their email address if necessary. Please make sure that the email address is one that your user checks frequently, as they will soon receive an email with their login information and instructions on how to set up their account.


Next, select a User Access Role for your user. This will determine their permissions to view/modify the schedule, requests, reports, etc. in Lightning Bolt.

Finally, make sure the Send an email to above address option is checked off (it should be automatically checked off by default).

When you’re done, click Add User. Your user will receive an email from with instructions on how to set up their password and log into Lightning Bolt.

Tip: if you un-check the Send an email to above address parameter, you can manually set a password of your choice for your new user. This can be useful in situations where you are setting up an account that will be shared amongst multiple people.

How do I add or remove access to schedule views?

Once you’ve set up your user’s account, you have one final step to take – you’ll need to give them access to schedule views.

Please see the instructions for View Manager to give your user access to views.

How do I edit an Account?

To edit a pre-existing account, navigate to the Accounts page and find the user’s name:


In the Actions column, click the Edit link next to their name. You’ll be taken to the user’s account page, where you can edit any of the fields by following the instructions above.

How do I delete an Account?

To delete a pre-existing account, navigate to the Accounts page and find the user’s name. Then, in the Actions column, click Delete next to their name. Please keep in mind that once you delete a user’s account, all of their settings (User Access Role, accessible schedule views, default view) will be completely erased. You will need to re-configure all of these settings if they need an account again in the future.

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