How do I set up a User Access Role?

User Access Roles allow us to make one set of permissions for a group of people. They are found by navigating to Administration>Accounts and Permissions>User Access Roles.



Administrator Note: If you do not have User Access Roles set up, you will not see the tab. Contact your consultant or support to have the capability added to your setup.

Once in User Access Roles you will see a list of the current roles and an add button. To edit an existing role, click on it's name. To add a new role, click + New Role. To clone a role and edit it, click the clone button and assign a name to your new role.

Once your role is open, set up which permissions the role should have:

  • General information includes the name of the role and the description. Indicate Administration Functions if applicable - Full (System administrator) or limited (Scheduling administrator) and the specific system features they can access. You can click the i (information) bubble for more information on each option.
    Image 12-6-23 at 12.51 PM.jpeg
  • The remaining tabs on the left are used to create and organize the permissions. select "add permission" in the top left corner. 
    • Department/Template: the department to which the permission applies. If you use home departments and templates you can specify these here.
    • Permission: the specific permission you are granting. Click the name of the permission to change the permission.
    • Personnel Types: click the blue text to change which personnel types the permission will effect. Add Myself to allow self permission. Other types will allow access to other providers.
    • Assignment Types: click the blue text to change which assignment types the permission will effect.

Note: Leaving the type as None will result in an error when saving. Delete permissions you don't need or put in types in order to save.

  • To add a new permission, click + Add Permission.
  • If you have Analytics: In the Analytics tab, grant analytics access and assign which reports the provider is able to see. Also set up which departments a provider can access in analytics.

Assign User Access Roles to providers in Editor when creating a new provider.

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