Overview of Assignment Groups

Assignments can be grouped together using Assignment Groups.

Why would I want to create an assignment group?

Assignment groups are created in LB as a way to group assignments with similarities together, which can later be used in rules for auto-scheduling purposes.

As an example, you may have multiple call assignments (e.g., Day Call, Night Call, Backup Call, etc.) and the requirement that a certain number of these shifts be worked on any given weekday. In this case, you might consider creating an assignment group consisting of all of these call assignments and then creating rules using this assignment group to satisfy the pertinent staffing requirements.

If we are not auto-scheduling, do we need to create assignment groups?

No, if you are not auto-scheduling, there is no need to create assignment groups.

How do I create an assignment group?

  1. Navigate to Administration>Setup.
  2. Click on the Assignment Groups tab.
  3. Click on the + Add new assignment group button in the upper left corner of the page.
  4. Give the assignment group an appropriate name and then move all applicable assignments from the “Excluded assignments” box to the “Included assignments” box using the arrows.
  5. You can then Save and clone (which will copy all of the assignments contained in your assignment group), Save and add another, or just Save Changes.
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