Adding a New Provider

To add a new provider, first navigate to Administration>Setup and select the Personnel tab. Then, click on the +Add new personnel button.


From here, each dropdown should be filled out as accurately and completely as possible, starting with Personnel Information.

A few things to note on the Personnel Information Section:

  1. Compact name: In Viewer, each provider's name can be displayed either as the Display Name or the Compact Name. The Compact Name is used when the schedule is displayed in Compact Mode, which shortens the names of personnel and assignments accordingly.  
  2. Type: Defines the category of personnel type that this person belongs to (i.e. not scheduled, MD, NP, etc.). This can be used later to customize user permissions.
  3. Notification Email: Used for email notifications regarding changes to the current schedule or requests for future schedules. Multiple emails can be entered by separating each with commas.
  4. Phone Numbers: Must be entered in XXX-XXX-XXXX format.
  5. On the schedule?: If the provider is going to be on the schedule, leave this box checked. If the provider is not going to be listed anywhere on the schedule (e.g. personnel is an administrator), leave this box unchecked to designate the personnel as not scheduled. Any personnel that have this box checked will use up a license.
  6. First active date: The first day that a provider will be listed on the schedule.
  7. Last active date: If a provider will be leaving the schedule on a certain date, this field should be updated by unchecking n/a and setting a specific date in this field. A provider cannot have any scheduled shifts or requests past the last active date, so some shifts or requests may need to be deleted in order to set the appropriate date.
  8. Auto or manual schedule?:
    • Auto schedule:Personnel is scheduled through automated schedule generation.
    • Manual schedule:Personnel is scheduled through manual input.

If providers are supposed to be included in multiple departments, click on the Departments dropdown. From here, use the arrows to move the desired departments to Belongs to these departments. This will ensure the provider has access to all designated departments. 


Personnel Groups can be modified similarly by using the arrows to include or exclude the provider to or from the desired group. 

After completing the above sections, continue to the Assignment(s) section. This section is used to designate all assignments that the provider is eligible for.

A few things to note on the Assignment(s) Section:

  1. Eligible assignments are assignments the provider can be scheduled on.
  2. Non-eligible assignments are assignments the provider can never be scheduled on.
  3. If a provider can work an assignment, but only on rare occasions, make sure that provider is still eligible for that assignment. Rules can be created to prevent the provider from being auto-scheduled on the assignment during the desired dates.

Once all sections are completed, click Save changes, Save and add another, or Save and Clone. When selecting Save and Clone, certain information (personnel groups, eligible assignments, schedule views) will be copied, leaving only the Personnel Information to complete. 

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