How do I navigate the schedule?

For instructions on how to access and view your schedule, click here

Upon opening Viewer, your default view is typically set to display the ME view. Otherwise, the default view you've designated immediately displays. 

Changing Views

At the top of your screen, click the view name. The VIEW panel opens. 

In the VIEW panel, you have access to several pre-defined views:

  • MY SCHEDULE: Displays your individual schedule.
  • TODAY'S SCHEDULE: Displays personnel scheduled by the hour, today (Gantt view).
  • DEFAULT: Displays your designated default view.
  • On the right side of the VIEW panel, you can select any predefined views to display. Note: The schedule view you are currently utilizing is highlighted in green. 
  • To change your default view:
    1. In the list of views, click the view you want to designate as your default view. The view displays in Viewer.
    2. Click the view name at the top of the screen. The VIEW panel opens.
    3. In the VIEW panel, click the blue text to Set as default.


Adjust View Date Range

Each view automatically displays the current month or week in which you're logged in, depending on the date range settings within the view (monthly/weekly). For example, if you access the schedule in the month of February, a view set to display by month will immediately display February (the current month). In the upper left side of your screen, click the arrows next to the date range to view future or past schedule dates:

Alternatively, click on the date range in the upper left corner of the screen. A pop-up window opens. 

Use the arrows to quickly jump to future or past schedule months or years. The date range you select automatically displays in your view. 


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