How do I use my schedule views?

Just like Lightning Bolt’s browser-based applications (Viewer and NSight), the mobile apps make use of views to display your group’s schedule data.

Put simply, views are a way to filter down your group’s schedule so that you can quickly access the information you need.

Each schedule view will typically show you a different portion of your group’s schedule. For example, you may want to see only the shifts that you are working (the “My Schedule” view). Or, you might be interested in just see who’s working today (the “On Today” view).

In the app, the name of the schedule view that you are currently using is located at the top of the screen:


If you’re logging into the app for the first time, you’ll start in the On Today view.  This view will show you all of the shifts that are being worked today, along with the providers that are working them.

How do I change my schedule view?

To change your schedule view, just tap the name of the current view at the top of your screen. This will open up the views menu:


Then, just tap of the name of the view you’d like to load. If you have a particularly long list of available views, you can tap the search icon in the top right corner of your screen and start typing to filter the list down.

Views Menu

In the views menu, your available views will be divided into two main categories.

The Favorites section contains two special types of views, described below:

My Schedule

This view will only show you the shifts that you are working, for the entire month. This view is always available to anyone whose name is listed on the schedule.


On Today

As described above, this view will show you your entire group’s schedule for the current day. This view is always available to any user.


In this view, your group’s assignments are separated into three categories: Now (assignments currently being worked), Upcoming (assignments scheduled to start later in day), and Finished (assignments that ended earlier in the day).

If you are part of multiple schedules / groups, you can tap the Template name to flip between your different schedules / groups in this view:


The All section contains your Saved Views. These views are the same views that are available to you in Viewer, converted into a mobile-friendly format.


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