Sending Secure Messages

Secure Messaging Partners Supported on Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt allows you to send secure messages through the mobile app. We partner with the following secure messaging platforms:

  • Telmediq
  • PerfectServe
  • Cortext
  • Epic Secure Chat
  • Voalte
  • Vina
  • Vocera
To see a full list of integrated partners, click here.

Sending a Secure Message

To send a secure message, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the provider's name on the schedule.
  2. Click the Secure Messaging Icon seen below. The Secure Messaging mobile application will automatically launch and open the provider's information.
    •  34760.jpg

Configuring your Secure Messaging account

Secure messaging must be configured by your Scheduling Administrator. Click here for more details on the configuration. 


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