How do I use the tools in Editor?

There are several different tools to use in Editor, which can be switched by clicking each at the top right of the screen.




Clicking a slot with the Select tool active will open up the Select window. This tool will provide the most information, and it best when needing to make a decision on who to place into a slot. The top will show a weekly outlook both for the assignment selected, and personnel that is currently on it (this would be for an assignment view, and would look slightly different in a personnel view). In the main alternates window, a list of all personnel that are eligible for the assignment will be shown. In addition, it will show what each provider is already working that day, and their counts for relevant tallies. The tally count columns will generally be based on the start and stop dates of the schedule you have open, unless customized differently. Clicking on a provider will swap them in for that shift.


Clicking the pencil icon in the left-most box will open up options to edit the note, custom time, and custom display text. Once something was entered, the checkmark could be clicked to save. The +ADD button can be clicked in cases where more slots are needed for that assignment on just that date.




The Fill tool allows for fast changes that can override assignment eligibility if needed. A window will show that active provider that would get filled in on a left click of any slot. That window can be dragged around the screen to where it is most convenient. The left and right hand icons will snap it to the left or right side of your screen, and the pin icon will snap it to the bottom right.


There are several ways to change who the active personnel being filled is. The name field can be clicked, which opens up a pop up to select a new personnel. In this window, you can scroll to find a personnel and click them, can search by part or all of a name, and can use the arrow and enter keys to make selections as well.


You can also bring up the Select Personnel window by just typing any letter on your keyboard. This will open up that window and begin searching for the letter you typed.



To use the Alternates tool, start by clicking a slot that you want to either populate (if it is empty) or swap in a different provider. Clicking a slot will populate the alternates window with a list of providers that are eligible for the assignment. You can click a provider to swap them in, as well as searching and using the arrow and enter keys to quickly find the right provider.




The remove tool can be useful when needing to remove many shifts at a time. When it is active, left clicking any slot will clear any personnel that is in it.



Highlight will allow you to pick a color, and then pick a personnel to highlight all of their shifts that color. A color can only be assigned to one personnel at a time, and the colors will fade away when switching to another tool.



Right clicking any slot will open up three potential options to then left click. “Use” will set your active tool to Fill for whichever provider you right clicked. Empty will delete a provider from that slot, and Add Slot would add an additional slot to the assignment for that day.


Saving Changes:


As you make changes in Editor, they will be saved to a temporary database but not immediately committed to the schedule. If the browser crashes or is closed, the changes would still be there when you reopened the schedule in Editor. The number of unsaved changes will display next to the save icon, which you can click to start the save process. You will generally need to click “Yes I’m Sure”, and then any violations that exist on the schedule would be shown if they existed. Those violations are detailed in the Editor – Advanced Features guide. Clicking Force Save would save all changes that were made. You can also click the trash icon to clear all changes that were made since the last save.


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