Schedule Page Overview


  1. Calendar navigation - allows you to choose the month or week you wish to view or navigate by advancing or stepping back using the left & right arrows
  2. Views navigation drop down - you will save different views of the calendar which will be shown in this drop down for easy access to any of your favorite views 
  3. Template navigation drop down - allows you to navigate through the different templates created for your organization
  4. Schedule edit tools - these tools allow you to view details of the schedule, or make modifications. Note: if an account is not setup to modify, the tools in the toolbar will not be displayed. 
  5. Fill replace options – these options are available to choose from when replacing or filling in the schedule.
    1. Customize Checkbox- This will be available to administrators. Administrators will want to check this if the assignment they are adding into the schedule needs a note, time change or reason change.
    2. Personnel Dropdown – This will allow a user to specify whom the schedule change is for. Note: If a user only has permissions for their self, this dropdown will not be displayed. If a user has the ability to only modify a subset of personnel, only personnel they have the ability to modify will be listed.
    3. Assignment Dropdown – This will allow a user to specify what assignment the schedule change is for. Note. If a user has the ability to only modify a subset of assignments, only assignments they have the ability to modify will be listed.
  6. Request Manager / Tracking – These features are available to administrators only. These features if enabled or disabled are for the department, not the schedule view.
    1. Request Manager – When this feature is enabled the icon will be in color. Note: if an administrator turns this off, it will be turned off for all users accessing the schedule and the request calendar.
    2. Tracking Changes – This feature is available to administrators only. This feature, if turned off, is only turned off for that individual user. Other users accessing the system will have changes tracked (with the exception of other administrators who may turn off this feature).
      1. When this feature is off, changes are not tracked and will not be displayed on the schedule, in reports or in the details.
      2. When this feature is off, e-mail notifications are not sent.
  7. Views Panel / Panel tools – the views panel is used to customize your views
    1. Info - expands the info panel box which lists the last action taken on the calendar along with the date and time. Note: If the last action was taken on someone you do not have permissions to view, that information will not be displayed.
    2. Views - expands the views panel box which provides more tools to adjust the view of your calendar
    3. Export - allows you to export the displayed calendar into Excel, Word or HTML format
    4. Print/PDF - allows you to print or export to PDF the schedule within a date range
  8. Views Panel - this is the panel to customize your views.
  9. Single assignment - this view displays each slot as a single assignment. 
  10. Pending assignment changes - these are pending assignment changes which have to be approved or denied by the appropriate personnel in order for the change to take affect on the schedule.
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