Navigating and Using Departments and Templates


Departments are used in Lightning Bolt to separate schedules and departments within an organization. As an example a group in Lightning Bolt may have Cardiology and Primary Care departments using the system. By separating the departments, setup and NSight will automatically filter through the information that is setup for the individual department.


To navigate between the different departments you can use the drop-down listing of the different departments in LB.


Templates are different schedules that may be relevant for one department. As an example a radiology group may wish to create their weekend call schedule a year in advance and then create a daily schedule a week at a time. In this case in we would create two templates in the radiology department:

1) The weekend call schedule

2) The weekly daily schedule.

Because the information between the different templates is often the same, most of setup is per department.


The pages in setup that apply to templates only are the assignment page and the rules page as these will be specific per template.

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