How do I add an assignment on the schedule?

A. Navigate to Schedule Page

  1. After you have logged in, go to NSight > Schedule in the menu


B. Change View Settings

In order to fill a personnel, you must ensure you have the correct view settings.

  1. Go to the Views panel > Display options section and make the following changes:
    • Layout: Week, Month (standard) or Month (columns)
    • Layout: By personnel or By assignment
    • Show pending swaps is checked


  2. Personnel Options - Display selected personnel and ensure the personnel you want to replace are included in the list

  3. Assignment Options - Ensure the assignments you want to replace are included in the list of selected assignments

  4. Click Display

It is recommended once you have made your view settings that you save this view for future use when you wish to make replacements

  1. Click the Save button in the Views panel.
  2. Assign a name for the new view and click the Save button.
  3. If you are an administrator, you will be given additional options when saving a view.

  4. Select Replace "Default Schedule View" to replace the default view which appears whenever you first go to the Schedule page.
  5. Select Save a new view named and assign a name to the view to make it available in the Views drop down for future user.
    • Select Keep Global to have the view available to others who have access to the Schedule page.
    • Select Make Personal to have the view available to only you.
  6. Click the Save button and your view will now be saved in your Views drop down.

C. Fill an Assignment

To fill an empty slot with an assignment:

  1. In the toolbar, select the Fill tool.
  2. In the Personnel drop down, select the personnel you want to add.
  3. In the Assignment drop down, select the assignment you want to fill.

  4. (Optional) If you wish to add a note to your fill, select the Customize checkbox.
    (For more details about the Customize checkbox view the Notes section)
  5. In the calendar, click on the date you wish to fill.

  6. Once the fill is submitted you may see a dialog box that will display to confirm the fill. 
    (Note: This dialog box will not appear if you have clicked OK always in the past.)
    • Click OK to approve the selected fill.
    • Click OK always to approve the selected fill and any other fills submitted in the future.
    • Click Cancel to cancel the current fill.
  7. If the highlighted row on the calendar is orange, that replacement cannot be made. This may be for any of the following reasons:
    • The personnel is not eligible for the assignment.
  8. There are additional reasons why a fill cannot be made. This may be for any of the following reasons:
    • The personnel is already scheduled for an incompatible assignment on that day.
    • The slots are full on that day.
  9. Once the fill has been submitted, the fill will appear in one of several states.
    • Completed if the fill has been automatically approved
    • Pending orange if the fill requires approval from an administrator.
    • Pending blue if the fill requires approval from the replaced party or administrator. 
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