What is text-edit and how to use it


What is text-edit?

Text Edit is the Ability (only available for Scheduling Administrators) to add text to a personnel directly from NSight.


I have different locums covering clinic at different weeks. How can I use text edit to view their name on the schedule?

The following steps need to be followed to text edit.

Text Edit; Step 1 – Navigate to Assignment Layout

Navigate to the Nsight-Schedule page and click on Views. Under Display options, make sure to select the Layout to be by assignment. Click display.


Text Edit; Step 2 – Use Details tool

Click on the details tool and then click on the name that you want to text edit. In this example, we can text edit the two locums on assignment Rounds and Procedure AM respectively


Text Edit; Step 3 - Text Edit in the Custom Display field

When you click on the person’s name you want to text edit, you will see the details pop up. Here you can see the name of the assignment, the personnel name that you clicked on and the custom display field among other things. The new name that you want to appear in the schedule will be entered in the custom display field. In our example, we added

  • Dr. Yee’s name to replace the locum scheduled on 3/10 for the Rounds assignment
  • Dr. Simon’s name to replace the locum scheduled on 3/3 for the Procedures AM assignment  




Text Edit; Step 4 - Click ok to see changes

Once you click ok, you will see the name change on the schedule. These changes will also be seen on your print/export options.


 How can I undo or update text-edit?

  • Click on details tool
  • Click on the text edited personnel name that you wish to change
  • In the custom display field
  1. Delete the text edit name to undo. This will show the original name (before text edit) on the schedule                                                                           OR
  2. Make the appropriate changes to update and then this updated name shows up on the schedule.
  • Click ok to see the changes reflect on the schedule


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