How do I approve/deny/suspend a request?

A. Navigate to Request Calendar

  1. After you have logged in, go to NSight > Schedule in the menu

B. Allow, Deny, Suspend and Delete a Request

To change the status of a request, there are a few states to choose from: allow, deny, suspend and delete. These features all work similarly and the steps to modify the state of a request will be covered in this section.

  • Allowing a request will allow the request to be entered in the schedule. Requests are made before a schedule is generated by the administrator. For clients who have the Request Manager feature, most requests will be automatically allowed or suspended based on the conditions set by the administrator.
  • Denying a request will mean the request is not entered into the schedule.
  • Suspending a request will keep the request in a pending state, usually requiring approval from an administrator. If a request is left in the suspended state during schedule generation, then the request will not be honored.
  • Deleting a request will remove the request from the calendar, and that request will no longer be relevant to the schedule.
  1. Select the tool you wish to use.
  2. Click on each requests you wish to take action on. The requests will be highlighted yellow as you make your selections. (If the highlighted request is orange then you cannot make the change to the request. You may still click on the request to receive the reason why the change could not be made.)

    OR you can click on the Select all checkbox. This will highlight all requests available to be modified for the chosen tool.

  3. (Optional) If you wish to add a note to your request, select the Customize checkbox.
    (For more details about the Customize checkbox view the Notes section)
  4. Click on the Submit button. This will apply the action to all the highlighted requests.
  5. After you click submit, all requests that you have previously highlighted will be updated.


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