How do I Customize a Request on NSight?

When making requests a custom time, note, shift reason, or location can be included by following these steps.

  1. In order to add one or more of these notations to the request check the Customize box while making the request.
  2. Select the date you would like to make the request for by highlighting the calendar.

  3. Click Want.
  4. A popup will appear to allow for customization.
    1. To enter a custom time, uncheck the default time box and enter an alternate time in the space provided.
    2. To enter a note, type the text of your note in the field next to the note logo.
    3. If your organization uses reasons and locations you can customize these fields via drop downs in the popup.  If you do not use these features you will not see these options in the popup.
  5. Click OK to place your request.


Administrator Note: if you would like to change the customizations after the request has been placed, you can change them while changing the status of the request, i.e. when approving the request.  The Details tool will not allow changing of the customizations in Requests as it does in the Schedule.

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