How do I create a new view?

A. Make View Changes

  • Open the Views pane by selecting the Views tool from the panel tools.


  • Make view changes.

    For details on all of the different view options, please see this video.

  • Click the Display button to display your changes.


B. Save View Changes

  • Then click the Save button to save your view.


  • Assign a name for the new view and click the Save button.
  • If you are an administrator, you will be given additional options when saving a view.
  • Select Replace "Default Schedule View" to replace the default view which appears whenever you first go to the Schedule page.
  • Select Save a new view named and assign a name to the view to make it available in the Views drop down for future user.
  • Select Keep Global to have the view available to others who have access to the Schedule page.
  • Select Make Personal to have the view available to only you.
  • Click the Save button and your view will now be saved in your Views drop down.

C. Check View in Dropdown

Once saved, your new view can be selected in the two dropdowns.


  • The first dropdown is located above the calendar in the tools panel.
  • The second dropdown is located in the views panel.
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