How do I swap one provider for another (as an administrator)?

If you’re an administrator and you’d like to make schedule changes in NSight, you have a few different options.

If you are looking to simply delete or fill in a provider for a specific assignment, please see this article on how to use NSight’s Fill and Delete tools. (Although the article is geared towards end-users, as an administrator you’ll use the exact same tools to make these kinds of changes.)

In this article, you'll use the Replace tool in a By Assignment view. The tool itself can be found between the Fill and Delete tools in the NSight toolbar. If you aren’t sure what type of view you are using, please see this article for more information.

1) Select the replace tool.


2) A drop-down menu of visible personnel should appear in the toolbar. Select the provider you’d like to place onto an assignment (e.g. If Yee is currently on Clinic AM, and you’d like to replace Yee with Smith, please select Smith in the drop-down menu).

3) Select the person on the calendar that you’d like to replace. You will likely see a pop-up that looks like this:


This pop-up will help you resolve any compatibility conflicts associated with your change. Under each of the provider’s names, you will find a list of the assignments that they are working on that day. Conflicting assignments will be listed in red.

For example, in the pop-up above, Smith is replacing Yee on Clinic AM on 7/26. However, since Smith is already scheduled for OR AM on that same day, we have a compatibility conflict  -- Smith cannot be scheduled on both Clinic AM and OR AM on the same day.

To resolve the conflict, you have a few different options, depending on what type of a swap you’d like to make. If Yee will now be working OR AM instead of Smith, you can use the middle arrow buttons to move Smith’s OR AM assignment to Yee’s column:


If you’d like to remove Smith from OR AM instead (i.e. if someone else other than Yee will be covering OR AM that day, or it will no longer be filled), you can use the red “X” button to take them off of the assignment.


Finally, you can use the text field at the bottom of the box to add a note to your swap. Once you are done, click OK. Your changes should now appear on the schedule.

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