How to enable Adobe Flash in Chrome web browser

Adobe has announced that it will stop supporting Adobe Flash in 2020. Google has started phasing out the use of Adobe Flash through its Chrome web browser and will eventually disable it completely at the end of 2020. Other web browsers are following suit.

This affects all users that access Nsight which uses Adobe Flash. If you are an administrator, please reach out to your Lightning Bolt consultant or the support team to help you transition to our new schedule viewing platform called Viewer which does not use Flash.

In order to continue using Adobe Flash to view Nsight on the Chrome web browser, follow these steps: 

How to Manage Flash Settings in Google Chrome

1. Go to chrome://settings/content/flash in the address bar of your Chrome browser or click the three-dot settings symbol at the top of your browser and then Settings from the dropdown.


Click the Advanced dropdown and then click Site Settings.


Scroll down to the Flash tab.


2. Turn off Block sites from running Flash by selecting the radio button at the end of the line. This button should turn from gray to blue.


The line will now read Ask first (recommended) meaning you will be asked to enable Flash whenever you access a website that uses it.


Under the Allow will list the URLs websites you have enabled Flash for.


How to Enable Flash for the Lightning Bolt Webpage

3. Now access your Nsight schedule. Click Get Adobe Flash player.


4. Click Allow. This site will now be added to the list of websites you have enabled Flash for.


5. You can also click the lock icon at the beginning of the URL in order to manage the Flash settings for the webpage. Click Site Settings to jump back into settings.


To enable flash for other browsers like Firefox and Microsoft Edge, please reference their native help articles.


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