Viewer Migration Client FAQ

What do I gain from migrating to Viewer?

Lightning Bolt is committed to offering clients the best technology to solve the most complex shift schedules. In addition to platform stability and ongoing development of new features, Viewer will allow us to continue providing our clients the best scheduling platform with innovation that we aren’t able to support with NSight’s legacy technology. 

Specific feature functionality you gain access to in Viewer includes:

  • Swaportunities: Streamline shift swaps by giving providers more control over their schedule with a tool to notify colleagues of a shift they’d like covered.
  • Email notifications: New and improved email notifications give you more control over your inbox and provide more of the information you need in the body of each email you receive.
  • View Manager: Simplify the process of building and managing the schedule views you use every day within Lightning Bolt. 


Why is Lightning Bolt upgrading to Viewer?

We’ve loved offering our clients the flexibility of a Flash-based web interface for over a decade. However, the technology will no longer be supported by Adobe at the end of 2020 and web browsers are making it increasingly difficult to access Flash. So it’s time for something new in Lightning Bolt’s more robust Viewer platform that brings you easy usability and new features to support your scheduling processes.


Because Lightning Bolt’s NSight interface requires Flash to display the schedule, NSight will no longer be accessible once Flash is fully disabled at the end of 2020. We are providing support and training to move clients to Viewer for fewer disruptions in user experience as the end of 2020 approaches and browsers more aggressively disable Flash by default. It is free to upgrade your system, and your application consultant will guide the process each step of the way.


Why is Adobe ending support of Flash?

Adobe announced plans in July 2017 to sunset Flash at the end of 2020 due to challenges with performance and compatibility. Over the past two years, web browsers have made it increasingly difficult to access Flash content. 



Are there any features and functionality that are available in NSight that are not in Viewer?

Lightning Bolt’s product and development teams have given careful consideration to clients’ needs in determining Viewer functionality. We are working diligently to ensure that the features most valuable to your scheduling workflows and processes are available in Viewer. If you have questions about accessing specific Viewer features, contact your application consultant. 

How do I get started? And how long is the migration process?

Your application consultant will be reaching out to proactively schedule a date to start your migration to Viewer. During the weeks leading up to this date, your application consultant will be in weekly communication with you, providing next steps, training, and support. Once the migration and training are complete, NSight will be disabled for your group.


All migration dates will be scheduled by March 1, 2020. If by this time you have not been notified of your migration date, please contact


How will my team and I be supported during the migration?

One-on-one support for administrators

During the weeks leading up to your migration date, your application consultant will work with you to identify and complete the milestones required for transitioning to Viewer. They will also provide one-on-one training and support on the new features available to you in Viewer, including updating schedule views in View Manager.


Webinar training for administrators and end users

Lightning Bolt is offering monthly training webinars to support you and your team. Administrators and end users can register for an upcoming live webinar, or access a pre-recorded webinar at your convenience.


Will the ability to view or manage the schedule be interrupted during the migration process?

During the migration process, end users are able to begin using Viewer by clicking View, then Schedule/Requests in the NSight menu bar. Users also have access to any schedule view in Viewer that is already accessible in NSight. Administrator and end-user access to Lightning Bolt’s full functionality will not be disrupted throughout the migration process.


Who can I contact if I have additional questions? 

Your application consultant is your main point of contact throughout your migration. For additional support, contact or 1.866.678.3279.

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