How do I create a new schedule?

1. Navigate to the Administration section and choose Schedule Manager from the dropdown.


2. Click the New Schedule button in the upper left corner.


3. Enter the following information to create a schedule:

  • Add a Schedule Name. Note: schedule names must be unique.
  • Select the Template if your group has multiple templates.
  • Select the Start and End Dates of your schedule. Note: Schedules cannot overlap dates therefore ensure the Start date is 1 day after your last published schedule for that particular template.
  • Click Auto-Generate to submit your schedule for generation based on rules and requests.
  • -or- Click Create and Save to build a blank schedule with all approved requests and fixed assignments


4. Once your schedule has been submitted, it will list as Generating in the Status column.

5. When the schedule is complete, you will receive an email letting you know the schedule is available to review. Navigate back to the Schedule Manager and the Status should now list as Generation Complete. Blank schedules will automatically list as Not Published when created.


6. To review the schedule either:

  • Double click the schedule name to open the schedule in Editor and make any required schedule changes.
  • Select the current status and update it to Published to Administrators if you need to see the schedule in Viewer.


7. Once the schedule is finalized, navigate to the Schedule Manager to update the status to be published to everyone. Click the current status and update it to Published to Everyone.

Note: You cannot have more than one schedule published online at a time for a given date. If you have a schedule currently published and publish a new schedule for the same dates (or any overlap of dates) the system will automatically unpublish the previously published schedule and display a message letting you know a schedule has been unpublished.


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