How do I publish a schedule?

Lightning Bolt affords you the opportunity to determine who specifically can and cannot view any given schedule, as indicated by its status. Every schedule can have one of three different published statuses:

Generation Complete / Not Published: Nobody (neither administrators nor providers) can see the schedule, but administrators can still view and edit the schedule in Editor. Every new schedule you generate is set by default to Generation Complete.

Published to Administrators: Only personnel with administrative access (defined in the Accounts and Permissions section) can see and edit the schedule in Editor or Viewer.

Published to Everyone: All personnel in your group can see the schedule in Viewer.

To determine a schedule's published status, navigate to the Administration>Schedule Manager and locate the Status column.


To change a schedule's published status, click on an individual schedule's status. In the pop-up, select the Update Status button, choose your new status, and click on Ok.


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