What are the different tools in Schedule Creator?


1. In the Administration menu, click on Schedule Manager.

2. Check the box to the left of the schedule(s) you would like to address. Depending on which schedules are selected, different tools will become enabled

Note: The status of the schedule you are selecting must be set to something other than "Generation Complete".


3. Select which tool you would like to use. These tools are also accessible by right-clicking on a specific schedule

What_are_the_different_tools_in_schedule_creator_-_copy.pngCreate a copy of the schedule

What_are_the_different_tools_in_schedule_creator_-_delete.pngDelete selected schedule(s) Note: Schedule must be set to Unpublished

What_are_the_different_tools_in_schedule_creator_-_validate.pngValidate selected schedule against current set of rules

What_are_the_different_tools_in_schedule_creator_-_auto_generate.pngAuto-Generate on top of current schedule Note: Will only fill in blank slots 

What_are_the_different_tools_in_schedule_creator_-_archive.pngArchive selected schedule(s)

What_are_the_different_tools_in_schedule_creator_-_get_info.pngGet-Info of selected schedule

What_are_the_different_tools_in_schedule_creator_-_refresh_web_requests.pngRefresh Web Requests for selected schedule

What_are_the_different_tools_in_schedule_creator_-_change_status.pngChange Status of selected schedule

What_are_the_different_tools_in_schedule_creator_-_editor.pngOpen selected schedule in Editor

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