How do I set up a Request Window?

To get to the Request Window, you will use the Lightning Bolt Dashboard and go to Administration>Request Manager>Request Window.


The Departmental Settings section will apply to all templates within the selected department as well as all users, including administrators. Using the drop-down menu, set the “visible request window” for the selected department. The number of months selected represents the time range past the last published schedule, for which your providers can see the requests page.

Next, enable or disable whether an administrator can make requests that violate max requests rules that were created and are in the Request Rules section.

Once a change has been made, you will need to click the save icon to implement the new settings.


The Template Settings section will only apply to the specific template selected and non-administrator end users. The “allowing window” is the time range during which your providers can make a request. To add a new window, you will click on Add New Window. Only one allowing window can be active at a time, and any past allowing windows can be accessed by clicking Past Windows.


After clicking Add New Window you will be taken to the Request Window Settings page, where you will set up the new window. Below is a list of settings and what they mean.

  • Effective Date: this is the date and time at which point this new window will take effect.
  • Allowing Window: this radio button sets the window to allow requests from your providers.
  • Absolute Date: by using this radio button you will be able to set specific dates for the beginning and end of the window.
  • Relative Date: by using the relative date radio button you will be able to set beginning and end dates relative to either today’s date or the last published date.
  • Blocking Window: this radio button switches the window to block out requests from your providers.

Once the window date ranges have been set, click Save to save the new window.



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