Miscellaneous Permissions

Personnel & Assignment Types:

Personnel and Assignment types can be used in permissions to determine what schedule data people can see. All personnel and assignments are part of the “default” type unless you make changes to it.

Tip: If you do decide to use new personnel or assignment types, make sure to grant access to them in the appropriate User Access Roles or they won’t be visible on the schedule.

Personnel Types:

For example, you can use three personnel types (i.e. MD, PA, Nurse) to define specific people. Then, if you have Residents accessing your schedule, you can only allow them to see the MD personnel type rather than the whole hospital schedule.

Assignment Types:

For example, some groups will use a “Hidden” assignment type for fake assignments used in scheduling rules that they don’t want to clutter up their schedule. Other groups may use specific assignment types for Clinic, OR, etc., and grant everyone permissions to see the OR assignments but only the doctors to see the Clinic assignments.

Shift Reasons:

Shift reasons can be used to provide more details about a certain shift. It’s more powerful than the notes function, since you can run reports on shift reasons if you have the Analytics package add-on. An example of shift reasons may be for an Off or Out of Office assignment. Potential shift reasons could be “Jury Duty,” “Maternity Leave,” “Sick,” “Conference,” etc.

Denial Reasons:

Denial reasons provide a way for admins to let providers know why a request may have been denied. Example denial reasons may be that you have no remaining days off, there’s not enough coverage, etc.


Locations provide a way for admins to have one assignment that can exist in multiple locations. Rather than having multiple Clinic assignments, you can have one assignment with multiple locations, and the admin can assign each slot to a specific location.


Categories can be used to filter down specific assignments for reporting.


Titles can be used to filter down specific views. For example, if you only want to see the MDs, you can use Titles in the view to do that.

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