Creating/Deleting Tallies

Creating a Tally:

To create a new tally, first navigate to Administration>Setup, click on the Tallies tab, and then select + Add New Tally.


Note: Please see Overview of Tallies for info on tally parameters.

Deleting a Tally:

To delete a tally, select Delete from the right-most column on the Tallies tab.

Note: Only Administrator-Defined tallied can be deleted. If a tally is used in a scheduling rule, that rule must be updated to not include the tally or deleted in order to delete the associated tally.

System-Defined Tallies:

All assignments that are created in Lightning Bolt will have associated System-Defined tallies that are automatically created. These are used for reporting purposes and in scheduling rules if needed.

Administrator-Defined Tallies:

Administrator-Defined tallies are custom tallies created by administrators. They are mainly used to report on a group of assignments or specific days of assignments.


The Equalization column determines whether an assignment is being equalized (Enabled) or not (Disabled). The Equalization Start Date determine which date (if any) that the assignment is being equalized from.


The Reporting column is used to determine if a tally is only being used to reporting purposed (Reporting) or if it is being used in a rule for auto-scheduling (Auto-scheduling).


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